Next Wednesday we have a wonderful new band from South London performing main support for Civil Villains @ The Unicorn, Camden.

They are called MOUTHS, and they sound like this:


I caught up with them and asked some questions:

Yo Mouths! Who’re your teeth? 
Dave (gtr/vox), Ry (drums), Ula (bass) & Rob (nissan micra)

How did y’all meet?
Ry: I think I met Dave at a Keebo gig at Brixton Windmill (though i might have dreamt that) and then Rob and Ula at Mouths shows when Dave and I started playing as a two-piece.
Dave: Me and Ry defo met at that gig, met Rob at school when I was like 10, Ula at Rob’s art school.

I checked out the new album teaser. Tell us more!?
Ry: Dave and I are both audio engineers so we do everything DIY. Having our own studio is rad because we can take our time to record however we want, whenever we want, and a lot less sober than would be considered acceptable in someone else’s studio.
Dave: Yeah it’s pretty much 50/50 in terms of how the album sounds, maybe Ryan takes the lead on drums and myself on Guitars. I think also cause I’m writing this one I’m having a weightier say on arrangement etc but really it’s very chilled and as long as it sounds good, everyone is happy


You have some really nice fuzzy guitars going on, go on….
Dave: Big Muff and the fuzz shack pedals for the fuzz, running them (and a rat turbo) through a nice old Marshall (with good tubes!) does the trick for me. Been real heavy into ribbons last couple of weeks, really good for butteryness. I used
to be all about amp distortion on high end pres or high gain heads but then you try putting a dimed rat in front of a Marshall superlead 1979 with the master way up, you realise it’s kind of all for nothing.

If you could record anywhere with anyone?
Dave: My twatty answer is with Ryan at our place but with more ribbons, pres, and a swish tape machine. Otherwise Butch Vig, Alan Moulder, Steve Albini etc, anywhere not shiny or up it’s own arse, anywhere with loads of valves and tape. Probably would have been a sucker for Sound City back in the day.

If you could play anywhere with anyone?
Dave: I think I’d like to play on a planet with a very dense atmosphere so that the sound waves we make travel more slowly, lowering the pitch of the whole band loads.

Come and see MOUTHS tear up The Unicorn with our mates Thirteen, Civil Villains and The Battles of Winter. November 16 FREE ENTRY



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