Grieving – a band from Cambridge

I moved to London from Cambridge a little over ten years ago. I’ve never left Cambridge entirely and the initial separation was a messy one. I was always creeping back to run shows and see mates. One of the last shows I put together before I took Cambridge-promoter-hiatus was for a band called The Tupelov Ghost, one of the best bands to emerge from Cambridge in the early noughties. Like this interview says, there was a lot of noise about the band.

About a month ago I spotted on my FB feed a bunch of Cambridge mates shouting about a new band. Grieving are definitely a new  band. To describe them as the resurrection of The Tupelov Ghost feels wrong, but the two bands share members and their music is possessed by the same urgency.
This is my favourite song they’ve released so far:

Download it for FREE here
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